D.I.Y. · Decor

Simple Changes

One of the simplest ways I’m able to have something different in my room everyday is by having a cork board. It’s half white board and half cork board and it is one of my favourite ways to change things up (and stay organized). 

You can pin up important reminders or cool pictures and draw or write whatever you want. Plus you can find cute pins to keep everything up with. 

There are many ways to change up a cork board and white board. I personally like to write little quotes that come to mind in the morning on the white board as an inspiration for the day ahead. And, to stay organized I write out a list of the important things I need to get done that day and pin it up as a reminder. 

Sometimes I’ll even draw the tattoos I want as motivation to keep working hard so I can eventually get those as rewards. 

It doesn’t matter what you put on your board or even how often you change it – but it’s a nice way to add change whenever you need it.

All you need is some pins and markers and you’re set to make it whatever you want. 

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