Little Lights

There are always new living concepts and there are old ones that resurface with a new vigour. For example, take hygge. It’s the newest trend that’s caught my attention although it is far from new. 

Don’t blame yourself if you can’t figure out how to pronounce it (I couldn’t quite figure it out either – apparently it’s “hoo-ga” by the way). It’s a danish form of living focused on comfort, coziness and the environment you create for yourself. Hygge isn’t neccessarily about decor, it’s a feeling, but decor helps to bring it to life in your living space.

The thing I love about this concept is taking things you already own, or relatively inexpensive things, and using them to create a comfortable space for yourself. It doesn’t have to cost a lot – even simple things from the dollar or thrift store can help add to the feeling of hygge in your home. 

One of the key things in hygge is lighting. Lighting does a lot to alter the way that a room looks and feels and how comfortable it is.

According to The Little Book of Hygge by Meik Wiking, lower light frequencies create a more comfortable atmosphere and just by moving a light to a different spot in the room can make all of the difference. 

One of my favourite lights is a salt lamp that I bought from Marshall’s. It was inexpensive and it casts a warm inviting light that isn’t too harsh and generally is just nice to be around.

Another way to bring in nice light is string lights. I have mine strewn across my curtain rod and down either side of my desk. This makes a nice cozy atmosphere when I’m just laying in bed bingewatching Buffy the Vampire Slayer (obsessed) or even just makes it a little more relaxing to study.

You can also dress up the string lights or buy some from the dollar store (guilty) that have a design to them. I went to Dollar Tree and picked up two sets of white rose string lights. They have five lights each inside of foam roses that look really pretty when they’re turned on. It’s just another variation of string lights to keep things different.

My favourite thing about this style is the coziness and comfort it provides the room. I don’t often like to sit in my room with the bright ceiling light on – especially at night because it’s so harsh. Another way to bring in nice, warm and relaxing lighting is with candles. It doesn’t matter what kind, they can be scented or unscented, whichever you prefer. You can even just buy some from the dollar store if you’re low on funds. I always switch up which ones I buy but my favourite candles have wood wicks that crackle because it adds to the comfort level of the room. 

This soft lighting helps to reinvent the feel of the space and makes it more comfortable to be in. Hygge is a lot more than just lighting – but it does help to make a difference. Next week, we’ll talk a little more about small changes and additions that can make a big difference.



Salt lamp, string lights, and dollar store rose lights.


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