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Candle Holders and Marbling

After a couple of months (or even weeks) I tend to get bored of the decor that I have and want to change it up. The problem with that is it has the potential to get expensive. 

That’s where the dollar store comes in. 

It’s always and inexpensive and quick way to get something new for your space. 

Last week I talked about lighting, so it’s only natural after that all I could think about was candles! So, I took myself on a trip to the dollar store to find and make some cute tea light candle holders. 

I found these two nice black and white ones. 


Then I found a bunch of clear ones I different shapes – I chose one that’s circular but has a bit of a slanted opening. 

I bought those and then came home to get to work. 

I liked the black and white ones as they are but I wanted to do something different with the clear one. 

I’ve never attempted to marble anything before but it’s actually really quick and simple. 

First, you’ll need nail polish (I used ‘sexy divide’ and ‘naughty nautical’ by Essie), a container of water, a candle holder, a cotton swab, a tea light candle and a small towel. 

This is how it works:

Step 1

Fill up your container of water and set it down. 


Step 2

Pour your nail polish into the water and swirl it around with a cotton swab to make swirly patterns with the colours. 


Step 3

Next, grab your candle holder and dip it into the water. Twist it around so the pattern sticks nicely to the glass. 

Step 4

Once you’re done take the candle holder out of the water (and be careful not to touch the parts with nail polish on them) and place it upside down on a small towel to dry. 

Step 5 

Wait for the candle holder to dry. 

Step 6 

Put your candle in your newly designed candle holder and you’re done! 


It also doesn’t need to be used for a candle holder – you can use it to hold things in or even for a little plant if you wanted. You can also marble just about anything! It doesn’t need to be a candle holder, you can marble cups, vases or really anything you want.

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