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Organizing your bathroom

From clean to messy to clean again, my bathroom is always changing but the thing that seems to stay the same is tacky packaging.

Recently I started getting bored of my bathroom. All of the plastic packaging doesn’t look very nice and tends to end up looking more cluttered than anything else.

Now, I’m not really a minimalist so a little extra stuff on the counter to me is great…but not when the packages are ugly or boring.

So, I decided to come up with ways to minimize packaging and introduce new (cheap) decor that makes a huge difference to the way my counters and drawers look.

I always keep my makeup brushes in their travel case that I got them in but lets face it – just picking them up would be a little easier than opening the case to get them out (I mean I guess it only takes two seconds but y’know) and the case doesn’t quite match the room.

So, I came up with a quick solution. I drove to the dollar store and picked up a few things to make a pretty makeup brush holder.

This is what you’ll need:

  • a large glass jar or container
  • roll of twine
  • some rocks
  • some sand
  • makeup brushes

This is the jar that I chose. The colour really caught my eye and I liked the design and saying on it.


Enter a caption


Next you add the rocks.


…and now sand.


Here’s the finished product!


This is a really cute way to add a pop of decor and functionality into your morning routine.

Next I decided to organize my drawers instead of just throwing everything into them at random.

I saw another post about using blocks to build your own custom inserts but when I went to the dollar store I found these cheap premade wood inserts that fit almost perfectly into my drawers.

I also made a cute jar for my bath salt instead of having a big bag on the counter.

All you need for this is:

  • a mason jar
  • washi tape
  • twine
  • balt salt

All you need to do is pour in your favourite bath salt into the jar and cover the flat lid of the jar completely in washi tape with whatever design you want. Then close the lid on tight and wrap twine around the top of the jar.

It’ll look like this:


In addition to these I also put my cotton swabs into a glass jar and put the all together in my bathroom.


I’m really excited to get to using these and having them help make my bathroom nicer to be in.

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