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Make your own DIY fall wreath

Fall is probably my favourite season – it’s not too cold where you need a parka but it’s also not too hot to wear cozy scarves and sweaters. It’s the perfect happy medium.

Although for us here in Winnipeg, fall seems to be a very shortlived season – this year in particular. It feels like we got a very short week of real ‘fall’ and now we’re already onto snow and slush mixed in with falling leaves (which believe me is not fun to clean off of a car).

But that doesn’t mean we can’t still pretend that it’s more like fall outside. Although the ground is covered in white, a lot of trees are still losing their orange and red leaves.

In my best effort to keep it feeling like fall for a short while longer, I though what better way than to make my home feel like fall.

I’ve always loved wreaths because they can be changed up for pretty much any occasion – whether it be a season or an event, you can make a wreath your own.

So for my fall wreath I went to the dollar store (I know big shocker) and picked up a few things:

  • a small wooden wreath
  • burlap circles
  • copper wire LED lights
  • glue

But I still needed a few things that I found on my own or already had:

  • batteries – I already had these at home
  • fall lettering – I found a picture and printed it off myself (all you need to do is cut it out) but you can also use stencils or small letter blocks
  • a little red, orange and yellow branch – I actually found this in the parking lot at Marshalls and figured I’d find a use for it at some point

And you can add anything else you like. Some other things I considered were pinecones, leaves and little pumpkins but I didn’t want to overdo it.

Supplies to make a DIY fall wreath. Wooden wreath, canvas circles, cooper wire lights, batteries, stem decoration, fall letters and glue on a white background.

The first thing you need to do it weave the lights through and around the wreath. The copper wiring on the lights makes it really easy to maneuver and work with so it sits the way you want it.

Copper wire lights wrapped into a wooden wreath.

Next, you place dots of glue on the back of the wreath. Only put enough on the spots that stick out farther on the back so the burlap sticks well.

Then you place the burlap circle over the back and push it down on the glue. You’ll probably want to let it sit for a few minutes so the glue sets before you continue.

Now flip it over to the front side and you’ll have the start of your wreath. All you have to do is add on finishing touches.

Cut out the words you used (or youand start  could even cut out a picture to put in the middle if you like) and lay them out on the burlap so you know that they fit well and have enough space. Then, pick them up one by one (I find it best to start with the first one) and start gluing them down. This will help you to keep them in line and make sure nothing looks wonky once they’ve all been glued down.

Fall letters glued onto the canvas circle in the middle of the wreath.

The last thing you have to do is add on the decorations – in my case this is the little red, yellow and orange branch. I looked for a good spot for it and just placed it inbetween the wood pieces in the wreath. You could glue down whatever you add if you like to make sure it stays on.

In the end you’ll get something that looks like this:

Finished DIY fall wreath made out of wooden wreath, copper wire lights, stem decoration, and fall letters.

If you want to add some extra touches, you can add other decorations around or near it to add the fall effect. We just bought a package of gourds for Thanksgiving so I used some of those to add a little more to it.

Finished DIY fall wreath with three gourds.

This is a really cute piece that you can repurpose at different times of the year and it can be used anywhere. I think I’m going to keep mine leaned on my dresser but you can put these up on walls, doors, counters and tables – its just a nice and simple way to add a little bit of seasonal accent to your home (plus I mean who doesn’t like twinkly lights?)


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