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Organizing and cleaning up your room with boxes

This week I decided to make use of some things I already had at home to clean up and organize my room.

With the new report on climate change I have to be honest I’ve been thinking A LOT about my own habits. I try not to waste the best I can and even (almost shamefully) pride myself in always being the once to recycle. Although I’m starting to figure out that my always isn’t quite always – but I want it to be.

Everytime I go out somewhere I’ll carry my garbage around until I can find somewhere to throw it out and if it’s something that’s recyclable I’ll hold onto it for even longer if I have to. The thing is, I’ve always been concientious of my impact on things and the thought of a fries container of mine laying on the side of the road somewhere always bothered me. I have this same thought about recyclables going into the garbage. Or even just using wasteful things in general.

That’s when I started thinking about other wasteful things I’ve done for convenience (mind you I try to go out of my way not to be, but let’s face it – it happens).

The most common one I’ve noticed is when I’m in my room I tend to be too lazy to walk around the house to the recycling bin to put things in once I’ve finished them. So, I end up just putting them in the garbage even though I know I shouldn’t.

So, I decided to come up with a solution for that and make my own (pretty) recycling box to keep in my room and empty when its full. Then I figured why not try to make some other things with other boxes I have lying around. I’m always trying to find new ways to organize my desk and this felt like a good opportunity.

Here I’ll show you how I quickly made my own magazine holder, pencil box and recycling box – all with things I already had at home.

First you’ll need your three boxes. For these ideas I chose a tall thin box for the magazine holder, a small rectangular box for the pencil box and an almost square shaped one for the recycling box.

Three empty cardboard boxes.

Now I did say *pretty* and these cardboard boxes aren’t cutting it so I went and grabbed some wrapping paper. What I like about this is you can personalize it and you could even change them later on if you want because wrapping paper is so easy to take off.

Flower patterned wrapping paper

For all of these you need to cut the flaps off of the top. Then take your taller box and cut out triangles from the sides so it looks like this:

Tall cardboard cereal box with top half in a triangle shape cut out.

After that all you need to do is tape on your wrapping paper. Make sure to pull it tight to the edges so there are no creases or air bubbles. You can use glue or mod podge if you want it to stay on for good but since I might be changing the paper every once in awhile I’m just going to use clear tape and wrap them almost like presents.

Once you’re done cutting, folding and taping you’ll have something that looks a little like this:


This one is the magazine holder which I’m going to use to hold a few of my random micsellaneous notebooks.

Finished DIY magazine holder made from cardboard box and wrapping paper and holding notebooks.

Next is the pencil box. I’ll keep this on my desk so I can easily access things like pens, highlighters and notecards.


And finally, the whole reason I started this box project in the first place: the recycling box. It’s big enough for bottles and scraps of paper, plastic or pieces of cardboard and it’s small enough that you can put it under my desk without it taking too much space. I also added the letter ‘R’ for ‘recycling’ that I cut out of a scrap piece of cardboard and coloured in with a black marker.


Here’s to hoping I make use of it and hopefully you can too!

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