How to use mugs as desk decor and take them with you on-the-go

This weeks post isn’t totally decor related but I ALWAYS have a mug on my desk. So I have a lot and at this point I consider them to be a part of how my desk looks so I might as well have nice ones right?

Reusable mugs have become a staple of mine as I try to phase out single use cups and plastic. By using them as decor in my room they add a little something extra to the look of your space (I mean who doesn’t appreciate a good mug?)

Even outside of my house I’ve started using mugs and bringing a take-out one with me whenever I go to school. But I’ve come to the dilemma of the coffee line at school. The line up is always RIDICULOUS (I’m not kidding, if you get there and there’s only a couple people in line you have lucked out my friend) and recently I’ve started doing mobile orders so I can avoid the line and get my coffee or tea sooner. My problem is, I prefer to use my reusble mug whenever I can – but I can’t do that with a mobile order. If the cups the coffee came in were recyclable I might feel a little better about it but I always know it has to go in the garbage.

So my solution was to buy a kettle and french press to keep in my locker. This makes it easy to save money by making my own coffee and tea whenever I want, saves time in the coffee line up, and saves me from needing to use a one time only cup.

So I guess this isn’t totally about “home” decor but it is something you can take with you on the go or keep on your desk to keep your coffee or tea toasty warm!

I have different mugs for different purposes (I have a bit of a collection going…).

If you’re on-the-go a take-out mug like my Autoseal Contigo is always a safe bet. It’s simple, durable, and it keeps drinks hot (or cold). Sometimes I use it at home when I want my drink to last for longer. (You can buy them online here:

Silver 16 oz Contigo take-out mug on a desk.

But when you’re at home I find it’s nicer to have something that looks pretty (or at least less boring). I often use just a simple clear glass mug. There’s just something about seeing the drink that is oddly pleasing to me. Although you can’t take these ones to go…I mean I guess you could but it might be a bit of a challenge.

Clear mug on a desk with blueberry tea in it.

Or you could use a ceramic or glass mug like this one I use with hearts all over it from Starbucks. I keep another one like this in my locker at school so I can use it whenever I want. The only thing about these ones is that the drink doesn’t stay as hot for as long as in the Contigo.

Ceramic Starbucks mug with hearts on a desk.

Although as I said before, I have quite a collection going because really I just love a good mug. Really it’s up to you to decide what fits best in your room, on your desk or in your life – but make sure you choose something that works well for you. 

What’s your favourite mug to use? I’m always looking for new ones. 


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