How to make it feel like Halloween – even when you aren’t ready yet

This year I didn’t focus on Halloween as much as I usually do. I haven’t planned a costume and I haven’t decided if I’m going out or not yet. 

So naturally, I didn’t plan many Halloween related decorations. 

But to be fair I’m not one for tons of theme decorations anyway. 

Instead I like to focus on the feeling of a space when I walk into it rather than what’s in it (especially because let’s face it…some Halloween and other theme decor can get REALLY tacky). 

The only Halloween related items I have out so far this year are my metal Jack and Sally portraits from The Nightmare Before Christmas. 


I actually got these as a gift for my birthday a few years ago and I almost always have them out anyway but they do add a nice Halloween feel. 

Although to me The Nightmare Before Christmas is a Halloween and Christmas movie so might as well just keep these out for another couples months. 

Aside from that I’ve been focusing on candles, scents and staying cozy. 

Although this year it isn’t as cold close to Halloween as it has been some other ones, the fall weather often gives me a chill that I just can’t shake. 

So I also brought out all of my cozy blankets from the closet to keep out around this time (my absolute favourite is a really soft one by the Life Comfort brand). 


Honestly though I just love blankets. It doesn’t matter the time of year or how many I already own but when I find a really nice one I feel like I need to have it..and I usually do end up getting it. 

And as I’ve talked about before –  I LOVE candles. The scents are always so cozy and inviting and the little flame throws off such a nice warm glow.

So I guess this year is a little less festive for me but this time of the year is when I just love to be cozy and warm. But to make up for it, I’m going to try to add in a little more before Halloween comes.

I really like the idea of little pumpkins and simple decor to fill in the seasonal halloween feel.


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