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8 ways to update and organize your desk

So it’s November. I’ve gotten through two full months of school and well my desk isn’t looking it’s best. I started out the year with a good clean and organized desk but over the past two months that cleanliness has fallen by the wayside and it seems hard to find anything through the mass of paper I have every where.

This week I decided it was time to clean it up and make it a little nicer to work at.

  1. Quote Frame

For this all I did was buy a black picture frame and textured paper from the dollar store. I cut the paper to match the frame and put it inside and viola! I now have a frame I can update whenever I want with something new. I just used a dry-erase marker I already had to write on it.


2.   To-do list chalk board and light box

I have tons of to-do lists EVERYWHERE. On sticky notes, notebooks, day planners, note cards – literally everywhere. But there are never enough. Any chance I have to make sure I’m on track is a good thing so I thought why not keep one on my desk. I picked up a mini chalk board from the dollar store and some chalk markers and that’s really all I needed.

I also added in my lightbox (from Chapters) that I bought for a project last year. I can also use this to put quotes or something on and change whenever I want.

I also got a new candle to go on my desk and added my gold pineapple.

Chalkboard and Lightbox on a desk

3.   Basket and pen holders

I just bought a small black wire basket from the dollar store and filled it with some random boxes I already had storing things to help minimize the space taken up. I also have my pens organizers (the black on from Staples, the wooden one I made and the floral one in the corner is from a couple weeks ago that you can find here (https://changeyourspaceblog.wordpress.com/2018/10/13/organization-and-cleaning-up-with-boxes/).

I also got the white owl lamp from my sister-in-law a few years ago and I adore it!

Wire basket, plant in a mug and pen holders on a desk.

Inside those boxes I already had (which I also got from the dollar store) I put in random paper clips and extra letters for my lightbox. This keeps them all in one place so they don’t make a mess or get lost.

Boxes holding paper clips and letters

4.   Succulent in a mug

I have a bit of a thing for plants. I have some already lining my windowsill but I      wanted to get another one to add to the family. I found this little guy on sale and planted it in a simple mug I got from the dollar store to add a little character (plus I love lattes so it was a must).

Succulent plant in a mug

5.   Vision Board

I made a vision board at a workshop a few months ago and I’ve just had it hanging behind my door which is not the best place to keep it because I never actually see it. I have one of those cube shelves beside my desk so I just placed it in front of one of the fabric bins so I can see it right from the chair at my desk.

6.   Stackable Paper Organizers

I also bought a couple of stackable paper organizaers from the dollar store and put those in the cubby beside to help hold and organize some of my papers.

Vision board and paper holders

7.   Wire organizer and calendar

So I’ve been seeing these grid organizers EVERYWHERE. But I don’t have a lot of space for a big one or a lot of money to spend on one. So when I was at the dollar store I went through the cooking section and found this shallow wire bin to use. It sticks out a little which I actually like because it adds some character. I just used double sided sticky foam on the corners and hung it up. I’m going to use this for little reminders and little random items.

I got one of these calendars last year and they’re great. They come in a cover that you can reuse to trasport papers once you’re done with the calendar and this one is easy to use. You can keep or get rid of old pages and they all stay together.


8.   Gourds

Last week before Halloween I hadn’t really gotten any festive decorations and while I still haven’t really, I went to a corn maze last week and picked up a couple little pumpkins and gourds.

I got this little guy to keep on my desk.


So that’s how I decided to update and reorganize my desk. Do you have any tips on how to keep your desk organized because I’d love to hear them!

Here’s the finished product!

Organized desk in front of window

(Also please ignore the snow outside my window…I know I’m trying to)

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