Feeling better

Getting motivated to clean up a room

Last week I decided it was time to clean up my desk and now…well it’s time for everything else.

Around this time of year I always fall into a slump and never feel like cleaning up. I mean not that I ever really feel like it but at least I’m a little more motivated to get it done.

So if you’re in a cleaning slump like me here’s some tips to get you into a cleaning mood:

1. Get a good music playlist going

Good music always helps my motivation and for some reason I usually end up dancing along with the music while I clean. It helps the time feel like it goes by faster and honestly just feels like less work if you have your music playing.

2. Start small and work around the room

If you’re anything like me, it seems like everything piles up and once and when you finally do decide to clean it’s impossible to figure out where to start. I usually end up bouncing around the room but that usually doesn’t work all that well.

Instead it’s best to pick a certain area of the room and work on cleaning only that. Once you’ve finished that area you can move onto another one. This helps me stay on track and actually get things done.

3. Make yourself some coffee or tea

I always like having something to sip on while I clean. My go to is usually a nice cup of tea but really you could get anything you want, even if it’s just water. This step is just nice to add so you can have a little refreshment break.

4. Decide what is most important

If you don’t have all day to clean, you might not be able to finish up everything. This is where you’ll need to prioritize what needs to be cleaned now and what can wait.

For example, if my laundry is piling up that’s usually at the top of my list because it’s cluttering my room and well… I need clean clothes to wear.

5. Let some light in

If you have a window open up the blinds and let in some natural light. It always helps me feel more energized and it’s also just a nice way to brighten up the room a little more.

Those are my top tips for getting ready to clean up a room. Although I’m always looking for more so I’d love to hear what you do to get motivated to clean!

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