How to build your own light tree for Christmas

It’s not quite December yet, but my house has already begun making our own decorations for the holidays.

We haven’t started putting anything up yet but we’ve had the same decorations for YEARS so we decided it was time to try to make some new ones.

For now, we’ve started with some simple wooden trees (well kind of).

For this you’ll need:

– three equally long pieces of wood

– two sets of string lights

– a drill

– a couple of screws

– and a staple gun

That’s it!

First, you’ll line up the three pieces of wood so they make a triangle. Like this:


Then take your drill and screws and drill the pieces of wood together in the corners.

Next, you’ll need your string lights and staple gun.

Lay the wooden triangle frame down flat and start by laying the lights at the top of one of the corners. Then, you’ll staple over the cord with the staple gun (but be careful not to staple through the cord).

wooden frame with lights and staple

Once you have the first staple in the corner, you can start pulling the cord down the piece of wood and continue stapling all the way down and around the frame.

It’ll look like this.

wooden frame with string lights around

Then you can wrap the cord around the back and do the same thing but this time you can cross cross the lights along the back (you won’t need it all around the frame this time, just enough to so you can see the lights through the middle).

Your final product will look like these:


It’s a very simple version of a tree – they’re just triangles with lights stapled on – but they’re cute and add a little extra holiday light to the room (or wherever you choose to put them).


They look super cozy and are great in a darker room to give off a little bit of light (I know I’ll be using these in the dark for when I watch Christmas movies this year).

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