Cleaning up

Cleaning out my closet and how you can too

I have a bit of a different topic for d.i.y. and decor this week…cleaning up and getting rid of extra clothes!

While this isn’t *technically* decor…it is a way you can help clean up and open up more space in your bedroom (and well, you do do it yourself).

This week I started watching Marie Kondo’s Netflix special and it is so good! Marie’s approach to tidying is inspiring and makes me want to clean up my entire house. After all, the people seem so happy and calm once they have clean home and I could use a little calm these days!

Now, the problem is I am a classic clinger, that is to items. I’ve been holding onto clothes I haven’t worn in years because “I just might have the opportunity to use it again one day.”

But the truth is – that day never comes. My closet just keeps gaining more garments.

Buying new clothes isn’t necessarily the problem, because as your style changes it’s nice to be able to update your wardrobe, but you can’t keep holding on to everything you have either (like I do).

So, based on my inspiration from watching Marie Kondo I’ve come up with some tips to help keep your closet and dresser under control.

Buy one, take one

When you buy a new item of clothing, go through what you already have and get rid of something. This is something I’m reminding myself to do whenever I go shopping so I don’t overload my wardrobe. Instead, I’m making the space to update it and match who I am.

This is a way I can slowly clean out my closet without doing a massive clean.

But, sometimes a big cleanup is necessary so…


So, I’ve been trying to force myself to get rid of random clothes for YEARS, but it’s never really worked out.

When I was watching Marie Kondo on Netflix (also no this isn’t sponsored by her or Netflix…I just LOVE her) she got people to put every single piece of clothing they own into one pile. Then, they would pick up each item and decide which one’s made them happy – and those were the ones they would keep.

I did this with all of my own clothing, and while I didn’t make as much project as the people on Marie’s show, I was able to fill four grocery bags of clothes to give away. But, I’m going to challenge myself to keep doing this every week until I cut down my wardrobe by at least half (maybe I’ll post a photo once I’m done).

This technique was actually really helpful for me to be able to force myself to think about the clothes I feel happy wearing. Give it a try and you might be surprised at what you end up getting rid of (or keeping).

If it’s a maybe – it’s a no

When you go shopping and try on clothes, or even just look at them, if your instant reaction isn’t an absolute YES – it’s less likely you’ll make use out of the garment you’re about to buy.

This has been true for me almost every time. I just got rid of three dresses that have been sitting in my closet with tags for almost two years. I bought them because they were on sale, even though I was unsure about them. Looking back on a lot of purchases like that, I wish I would’ve just saved the money – and closet space. So do yourself a favour and only buy the things that make you say yes right away and as, Marie Kondo says, spark joy for you.

Go thrifting

Seriously. I barely ever thrifted before and I have no idea why! There are so many hidden gems for such good prices.

Thrifting is also a great way to update your wardrobe without blowing your wallet. You can buy new pieces and won’t have to feel as bad about getting rid of old ones – because you never broke the bank to get them in the first place.

I went out yesterday with my friend Aislinn and we went to three different thrift stores. I was able to pick up a cardigan, two dresses, a flannelC three long sleeve shirts and a pair of dress pants all for only $40. I’ve spent more than that on one shirt alone…so $40 for all of that can be a game changer when you don’t have a lot of extra money.

Here’s some of what I picked up:

To me, saving money is always a win. So, I think thrifting is going to be my new favourite thing.

This may not be a conventional d.i.y. and decor post but by cleaning up your wardrobe, you can clear up more space that will allow you more storage space for other things. Or even just allow you to have more room to hang up your jacket instead of hanging it on your chair (again, I do this sometimes too).

Have you ever done a massive closet purge? Or have you found a good system that keeps your wardrobe at bay?

Let me know in the comments – I’d love to hear how you do it because I might need a few more suggestions later on!

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