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Making big changes and “anti” room decor

My room stays the same for very long periods of time – well the base of it anyway. The decor often changes but the setup has been the same for a long time. This is partially because of the shape of my room and the size of my furniture.

I have one of those big cubed shelves (4 x 4) that takes up almost an entire wall so it can only be in one place in the room and the same goes for my queen size bed. Now don’t get me wrong, I love the furniture I do have. It gives me lots of storage space and looks nice but its hard to have so many large pieces of furniture in one room.

On top of that, I’ve had a (beautiful) massive photo above my bed for the past five years. Again, I love this photo. It’s an aerial shot of New York in the 1960’s that my brother got me for Christmas a long time ago. Recently, I’ve decided I want to declutter my room and part of that is just visually. The big photo itself is really nice, but along with all of my other decor and busy patterned bedding – it’s a bit much.

I’ve decided to take it down and refresh my room a bit, so now my new task is to decide what I’ll put up there next. I’m thinking something simple that doesn’t take up a lot of space. But if I had a brick wall like the picture below I wouldn’t even bother! I love exposed brick and it adds its own element to the room too.

So, why did I decide to write about taking down a picture?

Well, usually we think of decor as adding something to a room (at least I do anyway). But that’s not always the case. Decor can have to do with updating something you already have, or getting rid of something that doesn’t fit who you are anymore – like my big picture.

Taking things down or putting them away to clear up more space in my room is what I like to call “anti” decor. Because although I’m not adding any pieces to the room, I’m getting rid of something that drastically changes the feel to the room for me.

This is a form of redecoration that I’ve recently become more of a fan of. After having lived in a room that has been set up the same way, with the same art, for SO long I felt like I needed a change.

In taking down the big picture above my bed, I’m actually making my room feel more open and calm because there’s less “stuff.” Or at least it feels like it is because the light coloured wall (that used to be covered by the picture) helps the room feel bigger.

Now, my own blank wall isn’t all that attractive to take a picture of but my room basically feels as empty as the photo below.

Now, I know this wasn’t exactly a decor post. But by clearing out old things we once loved to have in our space, we can update the room to reflect who we are.

As a teenager, I loved busy walls that were filled with pictures and posters. But, now? Not so much.


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