Redoing our bathroom

I still live at home with my parents so the biggest extent of “changing space” I can really do is my bedroom.

But a little while ago my mom decided she wanted to redo one of our bathrooms. So, because I love decorating and renovations I was excited because we haven’t changed a room that dramatically in YEARS.

We had the same cupboards and counter in there since we moved in (over 20 years ago) so it was time for a change.

Now though, the rest of our house needs to keep up. When I walk into our bathroom it feels like it’s in a different house – it’s really nice, but it’s different.

The new stuff

So, we replaced the counter and cupboard from an ivory colour and wood panels to a sleek white counter and dark grey cupboards (that have drawers now!!). We also got a new mirror for above the sink.

We also added a new tap and a reusable, and sparkly, soap dispenser instead of using the plastic containers the soap comes in. Plus you can buy soap in bigger containers and pour it rather than a bunch of individual ones that get thrown out.

It’s a super simple addition but it makes it look a lot nicer.

Oh, also we got a new toilet but I have a feeling you don’t NEED to see a photo of that (amiright??).

Another new thing we added were some shelves. They mostly hold decorative things but they add a nice touch to the room.

Since my mom is the one who uses this bathroom the most, it was modelled mostly after what she wanted (which included a lot of sparkly touches) like the new lights we put in. They are gorgeous and some of the little touches help pull the room together.

We also changed the artwork in the bathroom. There used to be a fairy picture (that I think my grandma might have bought for us) but when we updated the rest of the room we figured why not update that too?

So, we took some prints that my mom won in a raffle and got them framed to put up in here.

The new-ish stuff

While most of this project did cost some money, we tried to use what we had or reuse things that were already there.

For example, the cupboard on the wall is still the same old cupboard – just primed and painted white. It also has a new sparkly handle on it.

We also reused some decor pieces like fake flowers and candle holders to help add accents to the room without spending more money. That is also why we chose to use the prints my mom won in a raffle for the artwork. We could have gone to find something in particular but these were still really nice and we figured it would be a good use for them.

That’s it! That’s our new bathroom. It’s a very simple update but it makes a world of difference for us.

So, maybe now it’ll be time to work on the rest of the house and bring it up to the same modern style.

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