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So what is Hygge anyway?

Hygge is a buzzword I’ve heard more and more about over the last year – but it’s more than that.

Hygge is about a feeling of comfort. Though it has to do with the things you have around you, it’s more about the feeling of comfort that those things produce.

Since I became more interested with this concept I decided to buy a book about it. This book seems to be the only one I hear about so it has to be good – it’s called The Little Book of Hygge (The Danish Way to Live Well) by Meik Wiking. The Little Book of Hygge The Danish Way to Live Well by Meik Wiking on a dark wood table

Wiking is a researcher at the happiness institute in one of the happiest counties in the world, Denmark. Since everyone there seems so happy, maybe there’s something the rest of the world could learn from Denmark – including myself.

So, I gave it a shot. I’m starting this book I also learned that I’ve been pronouncing Hygge wrong this whole time – so go me!

I’ve been saying hygge like hy-je, but really it’s pronounced hoogah.

Hygge came from a Norwegian word that meant “well-being” and it began being used by Danes in the 1800s.

I also never knew there were many variations of those phrase to help describe different tenses and feelings of Hygge. Like hygelig, hyggekrog and hyggede – which I am not even going to try to pronounce.

Hygge is a concept that is widely used by Danish folk and it is a feeling that mostly occurs within the home – so it has a lot to do with how you create your home. In fact, according to this book, 30% of Danes have a fireplace or wood burning stove in the home to contribute to the feeling of comfort through hygge. While it is also a cheaper heating method, fireplaces and wood burning stoves help create a sense of warmth and comfort.

A little while ago I wrote a post about how to be more comfortable in the cold but at the time it was about -15C. Well now, it’s closer to -30C everyday and I could really use some more ways to feel comfortable and warm.

How to make your home hygellig:

Although Hygge can be a feeling anywhere, Hygge at home is a very important component – which is called hjemmehygge.

So, Wiking outlined a “Hygge Wishlist” to help the rest of us figure out how we can bring more Hygge into our lives.

First, is a hyggekrog. Now if you’re anything like me, these terms are getting a bit confusing, but this one simply means a comfy space or “nook.”

Now for me, although I spend more time on my bedroom – our sunroom is my nook. The only problem is you can’t really use a sunroom when it’s -30C, so recently my nook is more like my bed.

As I mentioned before, 30% of Danes have a fireplace or wood stove – so naturally that is step two. Wood burning gives off a feeling of warmth and comfort that is tied directly to what Hygge is all about.

However, if you don’t have a fireplace or wood stove, candles are always a good choice for Hygge. There’s even a whole chapter in this book dedicated to candles – so yeah, they’re important (plus who doesn’t love a nice candle??). My favourite candles are from Coal and Canary.

Next is nature. I’ve started bringing lots of plants into my room lately and they always help me feel a little better. Plus some of them are air purifying – and who doesn’t love some good clean air?

Wood is the next one, which is also related to nature. Wood just has a nice feel to it that helps to warm up a room.

Ceramics are the next thing Miking suggests. A good ceramic tea pot is always a good choice.

Tactile objects are a big part of Hygge. It’s not just about the look of things but also how they feel. Have you ever ran you hand over a sheet of plastic and then over a piece of wood. There is a huge difference to how they feel and how they can make you feel. So having things in your room that you can touch and provide you comfort are huge.

Vintage pieces hold a sense of nostalgia that can help bring a sense of comfort. So Miking also suggests adding some vintage pieces to your home.

Blankets and cushions are my FAVOURITE thing to bring into my home. I always pick up blankets no matter where I go – usually if they’re on sale but if I like it enough I usually just get it anyway.

One thing I want to learn to make is one of those big wool blankets because they just look amazingly comfortable.

Now, I want to know if you guys have read this book or tried to bring Hygge into your life. Let me know if you have brought any of these things into your home – or if you already had them!

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