DIY hanging frame

This week I decided to make my own frame with hanging pictures. I’ve seen these all over Pinterest and Instagram and decided it was time for me to do my own.

I was able to find a very simple way to do it so keep reading to find out!

What you need:

So I went to Dollar Tree (heaven for DIYs if you ask me), and picked up a rope cord with some mini clothespins attached. I also got another rope cord and some paper clips in case the first cord didn’t work out.

Next, all you need is a frame, some photos and some tape.

The frame I used is an old mirror frame from a floor length mirror I had picked up at Walmart YEARS ago. The mirror ended up falling out so I figured, why not repurpose the frame?

Then I just went onto Pinterest and looked up some cool prints to put on it. You could use your own photos if you want too.

So to sum it up:

– rope cord and clothespins

– pictures (scissors if you need to cut them out)

– tape

– a large empty frame

Step 1: (if needed) cut out your photos

I found these prints on Pinterest rather than using my own photos so I just cut them out to the proper size first.

Black frame and black and white illustrations being cut out on a marble table

Step 2: Lay out your frame upside down and start spacing out the photos

This might take some trial and error if your rope cord is too long (like mine was) but you just have to adjust slightly afterwards. Alternatively if you can’t find a cord that comes with clothespins like I did you can take a strand of rope cord and pin the photos on with paper clips!

Step 3: Tape down the edges of the rope cord to the frame

For this you can also use a hot glue gun or any other sort of glue, but I wanted to make this easy to remove incase I ever want to repurpose the frame again. Do this to both sides of the frame if your rope cord is too long.

Taping down the rope cord onto a black frame

Step 4: Flip it over and you’re done!

That’s it. Seriously. I’m still looking for a place for mine but I love the way it looks.

Black frame leaning against a wall with illustrations hanging from itIMG_3963IMG_3964

Let me know if you’ve ever made one of these before. Or if you have any other repurposed DIYs – I’d love to check them out.


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