Changing your bedding on a budget

When I was younger I REALLY wanted this bed set from Bed, Bath & Beyond – so I got it. It was black and white and had a suuuuper busy pattern on it.

At the time I loved it, now…not so much.

As I’ve gotten older a lot of my tastes have changed and I’ve slowly been changing my bedroom to reflect that but the one thing I’ve never gotten rid of is that bedding.

Well, today I finally did.

A trip to IKEA

A couple weeks ago I went to IKEA and picked up a nice (and inexpensive) light grey duvet cover – the ÄNGSLILJA.

The ÄNGSLILJA comes in a few different colours so I was so happy when I came across a grey set in the exact colour I’ve been looking for!

It was only $40 compared to some other ones I looked at that ranged from $100- $175 – so it seemed like a pretty good deal. It seemed almost too good to be true – so before going to the store I looked up reviews on the duvet cover.

After finding tons of positive reviews (albeit a few negative ones) I was set and ready to go buy it.

Now, I don’t actually have a duvet – or the money to buy one right now – so I just figured I’d use an old comforter I have at home to put inside this new duvet cover. It isn’t as fluffy or heavy but it still does the trick. So if you, like me, need to make a change but don’t have a ton to spend, try this out!

The bedding

I kept meaning to switch my bedding out since that trip to IKEA but I’ve felt so busy that I didn’t have the time. But last night I made the time and I am SO happy I did.

This new bedding is soft and comfortable, it’s looks really nice and it helps to calm to atmosphere of my room – which is something I desperately needed.

Thoughts on the ÄNGSLILJA duvet cover

I put this duvet cover on my bed last night so I could sleep in it and get a feel for how comfortable it is. And let me tell you IT IS SO COMFORTABLE. I honestly didn’t expect this nice of quality for how much I paid for the duvet cover but I am blown away.

Also, plain, light colours help me stay more calm and relaxed and I get the feeling that this new bedding is going to help me a lot.

I will admit it looks a little odd to me because I’m so used to having a busy bedspread and now when I walk into my room it just looks like there are sheets on my bed.

It’ll take some getting used to but I am in love with it and so happy I got it.

New additions

While this bedding is great I also wanted something else to add a little bit to my room – throw pillows. I’ve never actually had throw pillows before but I like the idea that they can add a little

Touch of colour to the bed. So, I picked up two of IKEA’s ULLKAKTUS pillows in sort of a mauve-pink colour. These cushions are 50 x 50cm and are only $5.

I also picked up a cover for one of them. It’s a grey cover that’s darker than the bed set and it was on sale – the VIGDIS which was on sale for $5 (regular $10).

Making changes

As we get older, our tastes change and sometimes that change can be come when we aren’t prepared to be able to deal with it. For myself, I’ve wanted to change out my bedding for a LONG time but I waited and waited until I came across the perfect bed set (and for the perfect price of course).

Living within an environment that doesn’t suit you can cause, or at least I felt it did for me, cognitive dissonance.Cognitive dissonance is about thinking and feeling one thing but seeing the complete opposite. The definition of it is “the state of having inconsistent thoughts, beliefs, or attitudes, especially as relating to behavioral decisions and attitude change” according to Oxford dictionaries.

The problem here for me, is that my thoughts and opinions of who I am were changing – but my bedroom environment stayed the same as it was for that teenager who made it that way years ago. Part of my problem was I was convincing myself to just live with it even though I knew I needed a change.

I felt disconnected from my space and though I’ve made small changes to make it more of who I am now, the bed set was the biggest thing for me.

So if you haven’t already – find a way to make that change you’ve been thinking of because you will not regret it when you do.

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