Bonus post: beautiful Prairie Home Lettering custom decor

I had the pleasure of connecting with the lovely Justine from Prairie Home Lettering here in Winnipeg, MB.

You can find her on Instagram @prairie.home.lettering

She makes these beautiful water colour prints of different places around the world.

Some of my favourites are the ones that connect different locations with hearts connecting the places together.

She’s made ones from Canada to the U.K. and does custom prints of whatever location you want!

I’m so excited to get mine from her later this week! This is such a simple but beautiful concept and I’m always on the look for nice prints.

She also makes custom door mats too! They’re so adorable and can be made for whatever you like and however you want it to look.

Make sure you check out Justine’s work and show her some love on Instagram. Finding cool decor pieces like this is my favourite thing and it’s even better when they’re handmade and local!

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