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My favourite piece of decor

I wanted to talk a bit about my absolute favourite piece of decor today.

Cork boards.

Hear me out.

These babies help you stay organized, can hold up photos, memories, goals and random notes and things and you can personalize it however you want!

When I was a kid I got this big 4’x2.5′ whiteboard as a birthday present. I loved it because I could draw whenever I wanted and have a fresh new canvas for later. But as I got older I stopped using it (and my dad took it for his office) and I started to wonder why I didn’t use it anymore.

I could write whatever I wanted on it but in order to have other things I always had to have magnets on hand and really…who keeps a ton of magnets on hand. I know I don’t.

My cork board

But I wanted a bigger, more visual way to keep track of my tasks and to be able to just look at things that make me happy.

So, I went to Staples and bought this half white board half cork board thing. That way I could still write notes on the board but I could keep other notes or photos up for longer by pinning them to the cork board.

On my cork board I have doctors appointment reminders, old ticket stubs, school photos, a couple of souvenirs and a pair of glass ballet slippers that I got when I was a baby. So, as I said before you can keep whatever you want on it and it doesn’t have to stay the same.

You can literally change these things minute by minute and I love that. Sometimes a quote makes me happy or motivated so I write it on the whiteboard, other times I’ll remember something that needs to be done so I’ll pin it to the cork board and take it down when it’s done.

Other cork boards

I also have a plain cork board that I use to pin up some of my old drawings and photos that I found online and liked. This isn’t really a vision board per say but it does have things on it that make me happy.

Of course, there are vision boards too. And I have two of them. I got mine at a workshop last year where we started making our vision boards and took them home to fill up and change after. I have one for everyday stuff – like eating healthy, exercising, quotes about family and doing more of what’s important.

I have another one specifically for travel. I have had the biggest travel bug in my system lately and I desperately want to travel and see the world. I’ve never left North America and there are so many different places I want to experience. On this board I have photos of places I want to go, a list of where I want to go and a quote about wanting to travel the world.

Although I haven’t actually crossed any of my goals off the list yet, I’m hopefully planning a trip later this year to satisfy my travel hunger!

Now these types of cork boards don’t necessarily keep me organized, but they do keep me reminded of the things I think are important and what my goals are – even if I lose sight of them.

Why use cork boards?

They’re fun!

I often get tied up in my goals and dreams when I’m working on my cork boards and it helps me to stay optimistic knowing that I could potentially do all of the things I want.

You can also personalize them so they fit your space and your personality or even how you’re feeling at the time. They’re so versatile.

And on the less interesting side, they’re so helpful. They hold up the notes you don’t want to lose track of and hold reminders right up in your face so you don’t forget things.

There are also lots of different cork boards that can fit different price ranges too. The half white board one I believe was about $25, the plain cork board I got from my mom so it was free for me, and the other two I had paid to go to the workshop but I think I had seen these exact boards at Dollar Tree as well.

So find which one works best for you and start adding things on! Let me know in the comments if you already use a cork board or if you have ones different than mine – I’d love to hear.

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