Plants as decor

So one of my favourite things I’ve been bringing into my room more and more is plants.

Now I’m still on a learning curve of trying to figure out how to properly care for all of them but I’m slowly doing better. But my friend at has been helping me learn how to be a better plant mom.

I just love the way the greenery inside my room helps me feel. Especially during the winter months (and spring when there still snow on the ground) I miss seeing green trees and green grass outside.

So I started bringing the green into my room.

My favourite way to get new plants is to go to local greenhouses. Plus getting to be around THAT many plants at once just makes my heart happy.

Plus greenhouses are where I can see all of my dream plants that I want but am not ready to care for yet.

Like these beautiful monsteras in this photo.

I do however buy a lot of smaller plants, like succulents, cacti and aloe vera.

I recently picked up a little succulent from my favourite greenhouse only to find out that it’s really an elephant bush that has the potential to be 16 ft. tall in Africa (where it is the native food of elephants – hence the name).

Now my elephant plant is TINY but since I found that out I am determined to grow this little guy until it really is a nice bush. After I first got it the leaves started to shrivel a bit but it has since become healthier and I’m hoping it’ll grow more.

For now I’ve got it in this cute pots with lots of drainage holes that I found at a thrift store.

Over the past war I’ve acquired lots of plants in my little bedroom. As I said before I’m still learning to care for them better (so if you’ve got any golden tips, send them my way) but for now this is just some of what I’ve got.

What are your favourite plants? I’d love to hear about them!

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